Sunday, November 20, 2005

No Drugs

My dalliance with anti-depressants is over. Friday was a lost day completely as every time I moved I felt I was going to throw up and instead of lasting a few hours, the side effects lasted all day. I was even starting to lose weight because I’d lost my appetite (which is no bad thing, to be honest). I felt unbelievably weak and all I wanted to do was sleep. I started to cough and even that was on the list of side effects. Of course, by now I was really pissing off Sharon, my partner. By her own admission she’s not good around sick people and I was letting her know I didn’t feel well in no uncertain terms. Good job she was managing to keep her sometimes ferocious PMT in check otherwise the headache I was whingeing about would have become rather more severe and “Indirectly provokes sudden outbursts of violence in other family members” added to Citalopram’s already extensive range of contra-indications. Back to will power and keeping my fingers crossed then.

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Blogger kats said...

Try Prozac (fluoxatine) it's f*****g marvelous and has saved my sanity.

Mind you, you feel more depressed on them for the first couple of weeks. After that it's plain sailing. And NO side effects.


9:59 pm  
Blogger kats said...

Thanks for visiting my blog by the way.


10:00 pm  
Blogger Sharon J said...

I'll second the Prozac :)

3:07 pm  

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