Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I despair of this interweb thing ever being useful. I have found yet another site designed specifically with the intention of stopping me from doing worthwhile and earth-shatteringly important things. Significantly, this one doesn't contain body parts, toys, cricket or numbers. It is here:


The idea behind it is to produce a pictorial map of the British Isles with a photograph or two for every Ordnance Survey grid square. Every square is 1km x 1km. That's a lot of photographs, both to take and research. The ones already extant on the site can throw up the odd surprise. Look! - To the left of the telegraph pole here is my old bedroom window. If you look really closely, standing in the middle of the road is my Dad, caught by a contemporary historian 6 weeks ago, walking out of the woods opposite. And here is where I had my lunch last Sunday. Some with a little local knowledge may like to note the location of the venue. Good, eh? Hours of fun for all the family.

On other things

I am now sort of a published author! And moreover, it's nothing whatsoever to do with this, or any other, blog. Yes - a near as damnit proper book with funny bits, a sprinkling of oaths, references to villainy and sundry other rude bits in. Unfortunately, the publishers have managed to get themselves in a slight chutney over listing the thing on their website, so no details until they get it right. Do watch this space. Suffice to say, even though it's not all my own work in that I didn't have to make the story up, the client was well pleased with it and that makes it all worthwhile.

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Blogger Lucille said...

Keep us posted so we can read it...

3:58 am  
Blogger Lucille said...

I think the photos are a great Idea. It would be fun to to search out the old home place. I use google to view my world...

4:08 am  
Blogger Murph said...

You've had a joke published in Reader's Digest?

Thanks for the map link...hours of diversion.

5:47 am  
Blogger Rol Hirst said...

I hope you were well compensated too...

11:41 am  
Anonymous Steve Dix said...



..is right next to my parents.

It's actually an old convent.

There's a recording studio at the top, and it's haunted.

11:44 am  
Blogger Pamela said...

Wow...interesting stuff...

3:50 am  

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