Monday, March 17, 2008

Being for the Benefit of Lady M.

Image: borrowed off the web. Someone left it there.

Stop whingeing you ungrateful cow. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt because he said he loved you but you never got it, did you. You married him but you never understood your husband at all. 35 grand a year for your child, the father of whom is well known for sending his own to state schools and bringing them up without any discernible airs and graces is pretty good going. Good for him and thank heavens for a judge with a bit of common sense. Hopefully she won't be brought up a spoilt rich kid. In fact, Macca's own kids are so "A class", to use your own words, that I can only remember one of their names and that's only because she's well known in her own right. No wonder she didn't get on with you. And as for bailing out your charities - why? They were doing all right before you married him so what responsibility are they of his? Carry on making a fool of yourself and they'll want nothing to do with you anyway. I wouldn't want you as a figureleg. You'll be dining out on this for the rest of your life so get used to just having 24 million quid in the bank more than most people and shut that increasingly ugly face up.

Coda: Someone on a forum pointed out that her settlement works out at around £700 an hour over four years. You are left to draw your own conclusions.

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Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

She'll be suing you next.

8:17 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Yes, I got rather annoyed watching her rant last night.

8:22 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Vicus, she's welcome but I'm unsure on what grounds she'd attempt it. Defamation? She's doing a pretty good job herself unless she either doesn't care what Jo Public thinks of her or realises what a Heather Mills image search on google er...exposes.

Dave, likewise. There was a woman trying to look scorned but with very little justification. Note how I managed to avoid saying "leg to stand on". That would have been cheap.

10:05 am  
Blogger Rol said...

I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this, but even I'd shag Macca for 24 mil.

In fact, if anyone wants to give him my number...

12:31 pm  
Blogger happyhippychick said...

I thought 24 million was just obscene - what can she possibly need all that for - I'd have though about 5 million would have been more than enough, even considering how rich Mr M is. And anyway he earned his money... what did she do other than marry him (after he was already rich of course - wonder if she'd have considered him if he wasn't so affluent) to get that amount

I was spitting tin-tacks as the phrase goes when I heard what she'd got

Disgusted of Essex

2:01 pm  
Blogger Sharon J said...

£700 an hour, eh? Hmmm... very 'high class' indeed!

10:20 am  

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