Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Some time ago I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure, as is often the case with fat old men, and am now "under the doctor". Last week I went for one of my periodic visits to have my BP checked with the nurse. It had gone up slightly necessitating a further review by the GP, which I had yesterday. He immediately doubled the dose of whatever it is I'm on at the moment and I started the new regime yesterday evening. I don't know whether it was the increased dosage, the quick snort of Glenlivet I sluiced down before retiring or a combination of both but I slept like a baby. Once I'd finally got up this morning I found I had about as much determination as a comatose sloth and dozed off on the sofa while reading an Inspector Banks novel. I like Peter Robinson so it wasn't the book.

After a while I was alerted by Mr Jezza Vine of the wireless trying to whip up some kind of frenzy among the English Democrat section of his BBC Radio 2 listenership by talking about the craze of "sexting" amongst teenagers. I was previously unaware of this new diversion, maybe you are too, so I will elaborate: children, teenagers mostly, take compromising pictures of themselves with their mobile phones and send them to each other via the media of text or Bluetooth, hence the scurrilous play on words. This part is relatively straightforward, children have always done this. Indeed, I recall some children at my primary school even making a tidy income (maybe even enough to buy a packet of Potato Puffs) from pimping the budding charms of the more well-developed girls. I never had any money on me but I doubt I would have wasted it on peering down Kipper's vest anyway. Innocent behind-the-bike shed fun and oh so normal. Unfortunately the newer craze has a darker edge.

Teenage relationships are not known for their longevity; young boys are painfully immature, young girls can be unbelievably shallow. Introduce hormones and technology and you've got problems. Both parties, but I suspect mainly the boys because their immaturity encompasses the inability to deal with break-up however shallow the girl is (get used to it lads), are vengeful and these pictures end up being circulated amongst not only their peer groups but also on the Facebook and suchlike. It's not nice is it.

Still. Adults are more mature aren't they. I immediately text my very dear friend who lives a very long way away:

"You heard about this sexting mullarkey where people send titilating pictures of themselves to each other on their mobiles?"

"F*** that for a game of soldiers"

"Here's a picture of my lunchbox"

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Blogger Rog said...

That's disgustingly amusing Richard!

But don't listen to Jeremy Vine if you are prone to hypertension under any circs.

5:57 pm  
Blogger Dave said...


6:00 pm  
Blogger Andy said...

Already on the blood pressure pills but minimum dose seems to be working ok unless I go anywhere near the Thames at weekends!

10:31 pm  
Blogger Morton Shadow said...

I just hope my cyber-stalker never gets wind of this crazy new craze - she'd never fit into the viewfinder on a mobile for a kick-off.

Think I'll stick with the deer- variety - least you knew where you were with 'em...


Most wonderfully penned sir


12:33 pm  

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