Thursday, November 24, 2005



Just got back from some Christmas shopping and was struck that for the first time card manufacturers seem to be addressing the problem of the broken family. I can’t say I’ve come across cards to “Mum/Dad and Her/His partner” before and it’s a welcome alternative to the “To Both of You” opt-out usually on offer.

Times change naturally so maybe we should start adjusting to the realities of our increasingly more open and tolerant society. How about “Merry Christmas half-sister/brother” for starters. “To Dad and His Girlfriend” might get a few takers but why stop there? “Happy Christmas Mum and whoever” sounds good for the commitment-phobic. “Seasons Greetings to My Mummies”, “Merry Christmas Dad and Daddy” for the seriously enlightened will I’m sure gain in popularity with our softening attitudes.

Cards that say it how you think it are definitely gaining in popularity so expect to see greetings totally lacking in subtext. “Seasons Greetings to Mum and the Bloke From Accounts. Hoping He Has No Regrets When He Sobers Up” or “To A Dear Daughter And Her Waster Dopehead Fiancé”. Spurned ex’s fave from the kids “Merry Christmas to Dad and the Evil Whore Who Broke Up a Happy Family” and of course, the one everyone really wants to send, “I’m sorry, I Know You Only Hear From Me At Christmas But That’s Because You’re The Saddest, Most Boring Person On Earth. Don’t Bother To Reply As It Means I’ll Only Have To Think Of Something To Say To You Next Year”.

Merry Christmas!

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