Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Normal service is being resumed

Close watchers of my world will be overjoyed to learn of beloved's return from her unexpected free holidays care of the NHS. Her specialist scratched her head a few times, decided there wasn't much they could do there and said she might as well go home and get on with it herself. Fair dos to her specialist though, who despite being German is a very very nice person and extremely thorough (as, of course, one might expect). She's also one of the few NHS doctors I would trust implicitly as in the 3 years we've known her she's not yet put so much as a fingernail wrong or disappointed in any way.

This goes for the nursing staff in her unit, the Intestinal Failure Unit, Ward B4 at Salford's Hope Hospital. Apologies if I've mentioned them before; it's not my intention to bore but these people are our heroes. Not just for the standard of care but for the style with which it's dispensed and the sense of community they foster. They are dedicated beyond belief with at least 75% still on the unit 3 years since Sharon was last there and if the NHS was run to the same high standards it would save the taxpayer millions. What's more, and this is so bloody important, they believe what their patients tell them without turning it round to make the patient feel like an arse for questioning their professional knowledge. Respect counts for much while in rehabilition, you see, and they're experts at building it. Any medical pros out there, please don't dismiss out of hand why a patient says something - there is a reason why they feel they do even if it doesn't matter medically. Make them feel important by listening; it's called bedside manner. It isn't glamorous medicine because it's all bottom end stuff but they're the best in the world at what they do and it's about time the world knew it.

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