Thursday, February 16, 2006

Teenager Etiquette (part number the 2)

This isn't so much instructional as anecdotal. Although for inexperienced adults and teenagers alike, there is practical advice herein and as such it should be treasured.

LM, teenage step-daughter is going shopping all day in Manchester today and thereafter to a musical frivolity with her student homies. She was up earlier than me and when I surfaced I found potential trouble. Unable to find suitable footwear, she had rescued her mud-caked leather pumps from the hall. These have been languishing, unloved and filthy in the hall for the best part of two months under a multi coloured pile of Converse trainers. Had she asked I would have gladly cleaned them as I relish a challenge, however asking questions for practical advice does not form part of the teenage communications armoury unless it's for a lift or for a furtherence of their financial well-being. I would have done it well, being of a generation gleefully taught by a national service serving father and also a cub scout of some 35 years vintage. It would have taken 5 minutes.

I came down to find the shoes submerged in a bucket of cold water. I have removed them and cleaned them, they are now currently drying away from artificial sources of heat although I fear that without constant attention, they will take on the appearance of something dug up by Baldrick on Time Team. LM has just reappeared and I queried when she wanted to wear the shoes. "Today" came the reply.

Indeed. The hopeless optimism of youth.

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