Saturday, May 20, 2006

It all goes round in circles

Yesterday I had one of those odd coincidental experiences that cause me to ask questions about the nature of things such as the existence of fate. And all that.

Again it came out of a little bit of research I was doing for Tony's book. He promoted wrestling for a while after the war and I was checking names and dates on teh interwebs. I found a specialist site and emailed the owner in London, a guy called Mike H. We struck up a brief conversation and he was very helpful. Then I happened to mention that when I lived in London I knew a bus driver out of Plumstead Garage called Mick H and that he was the ex-husband of an old work colleague. I knew him quite well back in the late 80s and through the 90s and passed a couple of jokey asides about him. I last saw Mick purely by chance about 5 years ago. Despite the identical name, I knew he wasn't the same guy but it was enough to maybe ask if they were perhaps related as their shared name wasn't particularly common.

I was stunned to receive Mike's next mail informing me that no, he wasn't Mick H. Sadly, Mick H had been killed a week before Christmas. He was taking his bendy-bus to the start of his route early in the morning, got out of it in Greenwich for some reason and was crushed by another bus coming the other way. It was big news in London, as is anything involving the dreaded bendies, and also made the nationals. Mike, sharing the same name, had obviously been the recipient of rather too many "I thought you were dead" jokes to have erased it from his memory. I do remember that I had actually been in London and Kent the day before the accident delivering Christmas presents and would have driven back north the next day. I probably would have heard about it on the wireless but I'm assuming they never released his name immediately.

The bizarre thing for me is I would never have known this had I not been trying to find out something about a well-known wrestler by the name of Bert Assirati. It wasn't as if I really needed the information either, I just felt I needed to ask a question or two in order to jog Tony's memory and it wasn't until I'd sent the email off to Mike that I realised the similar name.

I am constantly being reminded of how small this planet can sometimes be and I just dread to think what the next bit of research will throw up.

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Blogger Pamela said...

What's that saying about six degrees of seperation? It seems about right to me.

What a horrible way to die. ::shudder::

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