Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am hugely amused by the following article:

Caine to Release "chill-out" Album

At first I thought Caine was one of those artistes that you only ever hear about on Glastonbury reviews when they talk about the running order for the Toyota Prius Trance Yurt. I envisioned some pasty faced 20 year old with poor communication skills who's spent the last three years in his bedroom in Bristol playing with Apple's GarageBand to produce a Mercury nominated "masterpiece". It's actually Michael Caine. I suspect quite a few of you know that. Each to their own; he knows more about it than I do and why shouldn't he, he's 28 years older than me.

I am now awaiting similar releases. Ruth Kelly's Norwegian Satanic Death Metal Collection perhaps. Lemmy out of Motorhead sings the Internationale maybe. Baroness Thatcher's Best of Toots and The Maytals. I'm sure you have even better ideas.

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Blogger Murph said...

Settle down in a cardy with a glass of Wincanis and Sir Alan Sugar's Sweet 'n Easy Listening Collection.

5:31 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Well, I'm glad you turned up, Murph. I thought for a minute I'd written it in Albanian. I rather think Sir Alan will have plenty of time to pick his collection since selling off Amstrad. Nice that he got one over on the Murdochs. Who are such great businessmen that they can't spot an obvious market trader offloading a pile of crap for a vastly inflated price.

7:36 pm  
Anonymous Steve Dix said...

Actually, I was thinking of doing an old set-piece of mine for the comedy act - Michael Caine does "Wild Thing".

All together now...

"Wild Fing, yew mayke moi 'eart sing, an' ai bladdy mean that.."

10:34 am  
Blogger Rol Hirst said...

Dame Judi's favourite Goth & Emo moments. I'd buy that.

3:42 pm  
Blogger The Aunt said...

In a collaborative line similar to the two Santana comeback albums, José Carreras and Friends: Virtuozoz In Da Hood.

Actually Stephen Hawking the physicist has already made some rap.

6:12 pm  
Anonymous Sharon J said...

I'd buy that. A man of his age has no doubt learned how to chill-out and could probably teach the likes of you and I a thing or two. A bottle of wine... feet up... a nice comfy cushion... yeah... I'm ready to chill :)

1:16 am  
Blogger Robert Swipe said...

He was great in Educating Rita the other night:

"Morgan. Fuck off."

He also shines on the eponymous Madness hit, don't you think?

There was a great BBC programme he did where he passed on the secrets of screen acting to a bunch of eager young thesps. He was a great tutor and I wish they'd show it again as it really was a masterclass.

He tells the story of George Cukor directing a young Jack Lemmon. After each take Cukor said to Lemmon 'that was good, but you're still doing too much Jack'. This went on for hours until Lemmon finally snapped and said, 'look George, if I do any less, I'll be doing nothing at all...'

Cukor: 'now you're getting the idea..."

L.U.V. on ya,


11:41 am  
Blogger rob said...

I for one, would dearly fucking love to hear Motörhead do the Internationale.

12:30 am  

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