Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Idiot roundup

Sorry for the copout post, I'm working on something better. Honest.

This week, my visitors have included the following searches for enlightenment:

Carol Thatcher
I was about 455th down the list. Whoever you are, you have a worrying affliction bordering on obsession.

Look, I honestly don't understand this. Usually this search includes the word "wanking". Don't ask me. I actually find ironing quite therapeutic. Otherwise, I won't be drawn. This might help, it was top of the list (I was fourth).

A shouted request from Argentina. It is a long way. It's a top tune. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band also did a version of it.

what do you think what will be doing in 10 years
I don't know. I suspect what will probably be working for a large multinational corporation, have 2.3 kids and a second hand Mondeo just coming up for its first MOT.

Were this not from AOL I would be intrigued and not a little frighted. As it's from the world's most pestilential ISP, it's probably somebody brand new to teh interpipes entering the first bit of garbage they could think of into the first search box they see. "Look dear, there's something about goats that would appear to answer our query. Good, isn't it. Now try Max Boyce Gay"

max boyce gay
They found google. Twice. Is he? For my foreign visitors, Max Boyce was the Welsh equivalent of Billy Connolly. Without the swearing and for that matter, without the humour.

adam crozier is he gay?
Yes, yes he is. He's also wanted for conning the Royal Mail that he's a competent businessman.

where in the world is plastic come from
Plastic is come from Tesco. Is bag. Are one apple in plastic box in plastic bag with "Individual Fruit Snack. Healthy Option, one of your 5 a-day! 55p. Produce of Tierra del Fuego. May Contain Small Parts. Serving Suggestion. This Bag is Not a Toy" writed on.

1 Vegetable peelings:

Anonymous Sharon J said...

Erm... where's the point 3 gonna come from?

8:13 am  

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