Thursday, September 20, 2007


I once made the mistake of linking to a certain picture. And another certain picture. Between them they have funneled several hundred visitors this way over the past 17 months or so but today it has, by the standards of recent visitor activity at least, been uncommonly busy hereabouts. Double hits! BOGOF! The subject of those pictures was laid off today and that has no doubt prompted an unfamiliar burst of frantic googling and duff lead following across teh Interwebs. The duff leads presumably ultimately resulting in a lot of confusion and single syllable mutterings once the searcher finds the usual load of bollocks on here.

So, hello and welcome to all you lovely people currently visiting these pages under the mistaken impression that there is something worth reading here about the one they call "Special". I would like to reassure you that there isn't and there's unlikely to be either as I think he's a twat. More than any manager in recent years he's been responsible for importing into the English game a bunch of lying, cheating and diving journeymen posing as professional footballers and who between them have managed to make a total mockery of our second national sport. What's more, other club owners and managers (refuse point-blank to call them coaches) seem to have been fooled into thinking that anyone with an exotic name has an abundance of footballing talent and will be the club's certain protection against demotion. Palpable crap of course, Sierra Leone, Iceland, Chad and especially China and Japan are just as liable to produce shite footballers as we are.

I would advise, if it is at all possible, that all Chelski followers obtain a copy of the England v Russia game from last week. Not a single dive nor one overpaid fcukwit rolling around clutching his knee after getting a slight knock on his arse and then miraculously getting up once he'd conned the referee into blowing for a free kick during the entire game. Players went down for a foul because they'd been fouled. They stayed down because they were hurt. There was one booking and even that was debatable. The football on both sides was allowed to flow and I can't remember watching a game where this has been the case for ages. Even the Chelsea players, completely unfettered, played inspiring football.

I hate cheats, see. Really can't abide them and Mourinho signed more of them than any other manager. Good riddance.

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Blogger Dave said...

Is this post about association football? I'm not really up with these things.

7:06 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Not really, Dave.

6:58 pm  
Blogger tom909 said...

Bloody hell Richard, I just wrote a highly intelligent and incisive comment about the plight of the beautiful game and my computer somehow saw fit to just lose it, just like that. Sorry but you gonna have to make do with this. Suffice to say, I agree mostly with what you say, but not all.

8:21 pm  

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