Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This morning I received a CCJ. That's a County Court Judgement, if you've always had enough to get by on and been lucky enough to have never been made redundant or been landed with any other uninvited crap, like illness, to deal with. I've been in negotiation with a creditor about how I can repay a debt, you see. However, instead of actually deigning to answer any of my letters (or actually providing an address to which letters could be sent - I had to research it) or employ a fluent English speaker with the necessary authority to make decisions, they just passed the account on to solicitors who then issued the CCJ. The solicitors didn't even bother to answer the letter I sent them either. Oh, they cashed the small cheque I included but didn't answer the bloody letter. How incredibly rude. No wonder this country is ruined when common courtesies such as acknowledgements go straight by the board. I will stop this bit before I get dangerously Daily Mail. This was the letter in which I told them how much I could currently afford a month, which wasn't a lot, but was better than nothing.* So instead of trying to work something out to the benefit of everybody I'm now expected to pay £125 per month for 4 months. Pardon me for being cynical but if I could afford £125 per month to pay off a creditor, I wouldn't be in debt. My income as unemployed is £60 per week, paid fortnightly. The words to describe the sheer blind incompetence of these knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers haven't yet been coined. Maybe some of you could do me the honour.

*This was also the letter in which I, perhaps rather disingenuously, compared solicitors to bankers. Damn.

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Blogger Rog said...

Didn't CCJ get all the Royalties for the Top of the Pops theme tune?

6:54 am  
Blogger Carol said...

You can always opt for an IVA and before the CCJ went ahead they should have written to you to invite you to go to court, where a solicitor may have been present to give you free advise and speak on your behalf. If you had attended and told the court in person all you had done to try and clear the debt and that you were unemployed then the judge would probably have written it off. I know its a pain in the rectum but please R go to court next time you might be pleasantly surprised

9:38 am  

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