Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gabble gabble.

I have nothing of any particular import to say. Just as well, I can hear you chorus. I'll find something anyway.

Many thanks to the reader from the Stockport area searching for "Citalopram Notoriety" who became my 25,000th visitor at 1.25am this morning. Citalopram is an anti-depressant. From experience, it can also give you a very dry mouth during the night so I suspect my visitor was just as pissed off taking it as I was. My most recent visitor came here searching for information on "arse-ropes". I am 6th out of 34,000 and as it is a term from olde Englysshe literature, that marks me out as something of an authority. Elsewhere, google returns 16,000 references for the rather bizzare "the funnest game without blood or goat on the internet that i can play with out paying money" of which I am the second most important. Listen pal, you want goats AND blood and it's going to cost, especially if it's fun you want insteady of funny. Maybe you should meet my Australian visitor who came here after "russiangrannyporn". Although perhaps you are the real reason why "mary nightingale interviews met police".

This morning I walked back from the heaving metropolis of Crewe town centre (the only thing heaving in Crewe are the pavements. With dogshit. I've never seen so much. Why?) following a youthful couple. They were, I don't know, about 18 I suspect. But for the 5 minutes I followed them, I had to continually suppress a desire to do a LOL. She was quite divine. Slim and shapely, black tight encased legs up to her armpits and the shortest of fashionable dark blue puff-ball type skirts, topped off with a black denim jacket and simple but neat black hair. Elegant without being a ridiculous slave to fashion and alluring without looking like a slapper or a pasty goth. The kind of girl you would have been dead proud to have pulled at 18 and equally proud to have taken back to your parents with a "look what I've got" grin all over your face. He wore baggy jeans and a black T-shirt (clean though, I'll give him that) and had unkempt shaggy hair and tatty trainers. But it was the slogan on the back of his T-shirt that made me laugh. It was in 6" high yellow letters, four words over four lines, the first line to "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones: Hey ho, let's go.


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