Friday, January 20, 2006

Cruise Missive

Showbiz Goatfood. Miniscule Hollywood person and cult follower, Tom Cruise, has supposedly put the vibes out about an episode of South Park which pokes a bit of fun at him. I won't go into the sordid details here but you can read about it here and here. He's indulged in a bit of legal willy-waving with Paramount so we won't get to see the episode over here in the UK. Shame.

I'm having trouble with this on quite a few levels. Why is he getting upset? Because the inference is that he might be gay? What on the good earth is there wrong with being gay? It's certainly nothing to get upset about. Now, if he were to publicly come out and say he believes wholeheartedly in a religion thought up by a bored and broke tenth-rate science fiction writer that's loosely based on a suspect application of certain psychotherapeutic techniques and that actively practises brainwashing techniques on the young and vulnerable in order to extract as much money from them as possible, then I'd call him a delusional and dangerous wanky crackpot.

By shouting loudly, Cruise has only made things worse for himself. No matter how hard he gets the courts to deny it on his part nobody is ever going to believe it. Let's try a little test though and see what he's really concerned about. There's nothing in law to stop me from talking about him to my friends. As I have fewer readers than friends, I might as well say the same things here. If he's really that paranoid, he'll have his legal teams out conducting vanity searches all over the web and shutting down any site that says anything remotely unsettling to him. Come on Tom, put up or shut up and get back to turning out those crap films again. Here, have some of this: Tom Cruise - he's the gay one who believes we're ruled by lizards isn't he?

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