Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sorry, but I'm just too tired to be funny.

I'd just like to apologise to anybody who's come here on a link that promised humour. It's not happening at the moment for a number of reasons but the biggest being that I'm too knackered to even try and be droll. I'd love to but not just now.

Both of us have got to turn our lives around as we're turning into night-shift workers. I've never been able to sleep during the day very well because it's too bright and too noisy but the other half can sleep anytime, anywhere. Consequently, when she wants to work, she does. As she's stuck on an intravenous pump for most of the day she also tends to work out of the bedroom and that more or less rules out an inpromptu kip when wou've got a laptop fan blowing in your ear. We try and arrange it but it never works as somebody has to be around to deal with the real world; the one that operates on a 9-5 basis and that someone is me. It was 4am this morning before I got to sleep but I was roused at 7.30 by No. 1 stepdaughter crashing around getting ready for college. The dog barks at anything with a respiratory function within half a mile so I was on a loser from the start.

We're meant to be going to see Narnia this evening in our shiny new cineplex but I'm worried the chairs will be too much on the comfy side and that I won't get to see much of it. Got to get it when you can.

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