Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Mate...update

I have partially completed the task I set myself a short while ago.

Made up market research contends that 50% of the population would willingly live on intravenous infusions of Marmite; the other 50% would happily encourage a fatwa on its makers. Where did my own research lead me?

Well I have to admit, I'm undecided and I would like to try again. For those new around here such as God-fearing teen and enemy of semantics, Andy, the challenge was to copy and eat the sandwich my mother, of whose conversion to the yeast slime I had hitherto been unaware, makes herself daily; to wit, a beetroot and Marmite one.

The longer I become involved with this, the more educational it becomes. My good friend from the United of States, Jed, on reading the first post, was forced to resort to Wikipedia in an attempt to discover what a beetroot was. It seems the Leaders of the Free World are unaware of the benefits the UK's top salad staple can bring to the table, especially when mixed with a premium condiment such as Heinz Salad Cream (a combination that should grace every wedding breakfast top-table). I will alert my old friends at DEFRA and they can subsidise the new export market forthwith. I'm not drifting off-topic, this is a deliberate tack to gently introduce those still reeling from their new discoveries (Jed. And Andy who is no doubt by now severely confused) to the concept of pickled beetroot.

This is the reason I am going to have to reattempt the evaluation, you see. I only had a vacuum packed boiled beet avaliable and not the far superior pickled version on which I was raised (I should say "nourished as a child" before someone asks me whether our house was constructed upon foundations of root veg). Although the top notes of the Marmite cut through the layers of beet, I feel they would combine better with the vinegar tang of the preserved variety. I fear this one will, as they say, run and run.

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Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

Richard now at last I know why you titled your blog "Goat Food".

I am going to do a post on Marmite, Bovril and perhaps Vegemite giving you full credit for my introduction to these products from far away places that even the locals are squemish about.

7:47 pm  
Blogger Steve Middleton said...

Now I LOVE Marmite - not impressed by Bovril - and Vegemite? Come on this is just a pale (and poor) imitation from downunder!
Can't stand pickled beetroot - but your ordinary cooked variety is essential to any English salad. Now be warned - eat too much and your pee turns red. The first time it happens most people have a desire to rush to A&E (ER to our American cousins). But it is quite OK -once you get used to it!

8:27 pm  
Blogger Sharon J said...

I'm stunned by Steve Middleton's comment. How can anybody possibly prefer Marmite to Bovril? I mean, if Bovril isn't the better of the two, why isn't Marmite served in hospitals, instead? I know what you're thinking... you're thinking that Bovril's served because the main aim of NHS hospitals is to invoke abysmal and unnecessary suffering on innocent patients, but when it comes to hot refreshments, they've slipped Bovril on to the trolley in order to ensure they won't be sued for lack of nourishing options.


2:34 pm  

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