Friday, October 06, 2006


Regular readers (constipated ones, leave now) will remember I was on the wireless again in Ireland last week. Twice in fact, promoting this. I am expecting any day now a CD loaded with a copy of the first one, plus all the moany feedback from the much postponed Red FM phone-in mullarky. For any day now, place the emphasis on the "any" as bear in mind these boys are Irish and very easily distracted. The second interview, on Cork's 103FM's North Cork Today Show with Patricia Messenger was much more professionally organised, entirely by ladies I hasten to add, and is now ready for download from here or over there in the sidebar. It's a big file so I won't blame you if you get bored. Mr Scurra may enjoy my comments on politicians.

Hell, everyone else is doing podcasts so what do I care?

Btw this wasn't me.

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Blogger Pamela said...

Richard, it was so exciting to hear your voice! I do so enjoy listening to someone with an accent such as yours.

It would be nice if they changed the name of the airport. Do you think it's likely?

2:07 am  
Anonymous Richard said...

I don't have an accent, never have had.

It's a possibility but not a very distinct one. The whole thing is clouded by apathy and indifference. Nearly everyone says it's a great idea but are very quick to change the subject when asked if they want to get involved.

2:20 am  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Lovely as your voice is, I will not be falling for the trick of being induced to listen to a conversation about someone in whom I have no interest and a place I am unlikely to visit because you drop my name again.
I am inspired, however, to start a campaign to have "RAF Odiham" renamed as "Home for those noisy fuckers who send their fucking chinooks hovering over my house late at night, bastards".
As for the radio story, I first heard it in the Australian version, with "GAAN" instead of "GOAN". I think it sounds better.

7:37 am  
Anonymous Richard said...

Yes, the joke is a very old one but the radio station in question was one of the ones I was on last week, the slightly more chaotic one.

9:58 am  

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