Friday, November 10, 2006


Short notice on Wednesday from Jim saying his band was playing at Crewe's premier nightspot on Thursday (that would be yesterday) and that the set was being recorded. Moreover, it was a freebie and that always goes down well. One of our friends suggested that we actually "had a life" (I think on the basis that we don't go to PTA meetings anymore), so bearing this in mind we decided to go.

Making the deadline for getting out in time would entail a certain amount of rushing around because of a prior appointment in Stoke; worrying in itself because this would almost certainly amount to me getting lost, such is the abomination of a road system in the five towns. Because this appointment was of the nature of "be late and forget it" I had actually prepared the ground for the run earlier in the week by going over the route at the same time so I could judge the traffic and all that mullarkey. On that occasion I found where I was meant to be going alright but turning round and heading back across the M6 proved to be a worry and I was felled by the local signposting and the one way system. I actually ended up navigating back by the recently risen full moon. I reasoned that I wanted to go directly west and as the moon had just risen in the east, I should drive away from it. I got home (I once drove an unfamiliar route back from Croydon to Bexley in much the same manner, having fallen foul of the recently laid tram lines. My ex-in laws following in the car behind thought I had a cabbie's knowledge of the back-doubles of Addington and West Wickham; I knew otherwise. Thank you Lord Baden-Powell).

Thankfully we made it back in time and off out we went to enjoy ourselves. What doesn't seem to be going down well at all now is beer. This is a tragedy of epic proportions because if there's one old pleasure in life I thought I could still get something from, it would be a nicely drawn pint of lightly foaming ale. Sadly now a couple of pints consumed as an accompaniment to a helping of loud music does not a happy or healthy bunny make the next morning. I have a headache the size of Ipswich and well, maybe I ought not to have had the chilli baked beans for lunch.

Good gig though.

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Blogger Phil said...

Greetings! - it's Youngphil from TMP - I finally got into blogging, mostly due to you.
Speaking as one who grew up in Stoke and left 23 years ago and who now dreads going there because of the truly awful road system....I never thought of using lunar navigation! Must try that next time!
Must remember never to mix chilli beans with ale...

7:41 am  
Anonymous Richard said...

Welcome Phil, good to see you around.

You'll be glad to know that the "D Road" was finally opened this week. That means you can now drive from Crewe to Uttoxeter without really stopping.

10:31 am  
Blogger Phil said...

That is of course except for the traffic!!

Thanks for your good wishes - I'm sure I'll need them...

2:10 pm  

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