Sunday, October 21, 2007

Southern Man

Shame about the rugby.

Anyway, was having a browse over Youtube earlier and in that oddly serendipitous manner that it seems to have evolved, while looking for one thing, came across this classic piece of southern Americana. It's one of those tracks that I identify with a certain period in my own life; one of both great happiness and also upheaval and uncertainty. 30 years later, I think I've finally come to realise that life never changes and that that is what it's all about - it's never straightforward like you'd wish it to be. Reading one of the comments I realised that it was also the 30th anniversary of the air crash that killed Ronnie van Zandt and Steve and Cassie Gaines. Life is also full of little coincidences.

Remember this? Last Saturday lunchtime I posted two very small packages at our local village post office (yes, still got one - and I had to queue and it wasn't even car tax day). By small, I mean one very small padded bag and one small, light cardboard box about 10" x 6" x 2". Both went first class letter post; the bag to some tiny place on Shetland, just about as far as you can send something in these islands from SE Kent, the box to Sharon in Crewe, 250 miles away and at the hub of our rail and road transport network. I know there's been a spot of bother with the mail recently but it still doesn't explain the fact that the parcel was received in Shetland on Monday and that the box hasn't yet made it to Crewe. Crozier, you pointless waste of good oxygen, I'd happily do your job for a tenth of what you cost the taxpayer. I'd find it quite easy to sit back and do eff all for £100 grand a year.

Just to go back to the village post office for a second. There were people in there who had driven several miles from other towns and villages to use it, towns and villages that used to have their own facility. Aren't we meant to be saving energy and stuff?

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