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It's been far too long since everyone's favourite comedy nazis have been in the news. My heart has therefore been gladdened by the sight of (metaphorically speaking. I haven't "seen" anything as I still do not own a television, a fact that visibly disappointed the inspector from the licensing authority when he called yesterday) toad-faced arse of toad-faced BNP leader and Spode-a-like, Nick Griffin crying in the newspapers over his inability to keep hold of his "party's" membership list.

What I find particularly entertaining are those twats defending their involvement with the fun-sized brownshirts on the grounds that some of their policies mirror those of the major parties, the idiots completely failing to spot the rather damning error inherent in their argument. This being of course that had the BNP not had a not particularly well-disguised alternative agenda, it would not have a raison d'etre. Were you not interested in this alternative agenda you would probably have joined one of the mainstream parties that was sympathetic to, say, your views on education or had promised to do something about the drains. Even I can spot the odd sensible Tory pronouncement now and again and I've met our local MP who seems a decent cove but you wouldn't get me voting for him or joining his party because I have deeply held priciples that compel me to act for the common good and not self-interest.

Let's get this straight, eh? The BNP exist for one thing and one thing only, smacking seven shades of crap out of Johnny Foreigner. A dozen or more shades if Mr Foreigner happens to be less prone to sunburn. They are predicated solely on hatred, nothing else. If you join them you are a racist. There is no argument. If you claim anything else or didn't know then you are phenomenally stupid and the vote in your hands is a dangerous weapon. I am overjoyed that some of the newly-exposed members are on the end of the kind of hatred their party's more enthusiastic "activists" have in the past doled out to those they don't like the look of. I advise that should you accidentally come across a BNP member on fire, you make the point of deliberately pissing the other way.

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Blogger Sharon J said...

Luckily the BNP have never really become popular amongst the general masses here in the UK, unlike "The Future Party (Fremskrittspartiet)" in Norway, who are so damned clever and have had such 'nice' leaders that far too many people have fallen for their charm rather than taking the time to understand their politics. THAT'S scary (although they aren't as extreme as the BNP)! God forbid that should ever happen here.

4:29 am  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Which way should I piss should I see a member of UKIP/Ulster Democratic Unionist/Conservative on fire.
Please don't give us half the story.
And what about Jeremy Clarkson? What if I was able to piss petrol.
Think these things through.

10:39 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I passed Edward Timpson, our MP this morning. He was running away from a stall in Victoria Street that had a banner on it announcing "Meet your MP".

Now go away, I'm listening to Danny Baker on the wireless on my mobile phone in the library.

12:16 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

That list is very, very scary. I recognise at least 2 people on it - but I guess it's one of their secrets.

Like I worked for the FBI.

I didn't say that. really.

8:32 pm  
Anonymous Steve Dix said...

On the way to the airport after a brief visit to the parents, I heard that little turd moaning that in "leftist liberal Germany" supporters of a right-wing party are not allowed to hold certain positions.

Of course they aren't, because, silly little brownshit -er- shirt, that would be membership of an ILLEGAL party. Would you want a Judge who openly flouts the law he's supposed to defend? I think not.

I'm happy to say that in September, a planned right-wing demonstration in Cologne was completely thwarted, despite them asking all their hateful friends from round the world to attend. They were all turned back at the border or the airport, including Jean-Marie LePenn.

9:16 am  
Blogger Carol said...

Problem is they border just on the right side of legality so are a legitimate party. Sadly I know of one or two really decent people who have voted BNP as a 'protest' vote because they felt the government weren't listening. I don't see why the BNP are worried if their party is so 'legitimate' if their membership becomes public. Sorry I can't do directional pisses.

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're so right, the BNP are fake.
The Policies & Manifesto of the NF are more acceptable.

6:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recant my last statement, and have relinquished my membership to the BNP as of now.

6:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading China and taking the time to digest, I feel as if I have truly found liberation for the first time in my short adult life. I would like to pay homage to the author.
You may think I'm some joker but I'm serious and I can see a future now, honest and real, and in time, when these guilty feelings I have because of my predjudices, subside and they finally cleanse, and I have had time to reflect on my distorted past beliefs, I would love to feel no more hate and anger.
Well, that's really heavy stuff but it's a weight lifted from my soul and I am now ready to change my life around before it's too late, and there's probably no better time of the year to do so. I don't know where I will go from here, politically speaking, but I'm going to lean further to the left from where I am at the moment. I'm not a religious person and have no real creed so faith is not for me. I would have liked to say that I'm dreaming of a white Christmas but then I may have been accused of being a member of KKK or such like, so will refrain from doing so, only to say to all mankind, peace.
Thank you for your understanding and taking the time to read this

7:15 am  

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