Saturday, February 27, 2010

On the pain of being a moderator

Far be it from me to mock those for whom the struggle with the complexities of our mother tongue is, for whatever reason, a never ending battle but there comes a time when the accidental use of the delete button is a necessary adjunct to the art of moderating a public site.

The dilemma for the submissions moderator here is "Do I write back to Julie and tactfully and politely ask exactly what she's after?" Or perhaps I guess, correct her spelling and grammar to what I think she's after and allow her to a) be affronted at my arrogance and upset by my public pillorying of her lack of compositional skills or b)to be pestered with emails offering her entirely the wrong thing or do I just publish for the LOLs.

Any clues? Demijohns? Used in home closed.

[CreweandNantwichFreecycle] wanted dhemejhones winsford
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hi has anyone got any dhemejhones that they dont youse anymore it would be very much apresheat thanck you for locking and thanck agen

3 Vegetable peelings:

Anonymous Sharon J said...

She's probably dyslexic. Or maybe from a different country? Possibly even an extra terrestrial.

1:36 pm  
Blogger Dave said...

Or the result of the modern education system.

3:02 pm  
Anonymous Georgina (used to be Remoteknitter) said...

Sharon - are you still blogging - sorry Richard - I pop over to Sharon's old blog all the time hoping she will resurface!

10:38 am  

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