Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm Meant to be Working...

For the last hour or so I've been playing with my latest download. I can't see any practical use for it yet but it's pretty cool nevertheless. It's Google Earth and you can get it here. It only works with a fast connection speed and if you've got a Mac you'll have to wait a bit but it's fun fun fun and worth it.

It's a bit like Multimap's aerial photos but more versatile and you don't need to pay extra to zoom right in. It's good over major cities because the resolution is greater meaning you can get some quite decent detail (I'm pretty certain I spotted the ex standing in the garden of the former family seat in SE London for instance) . It's not so hot over rural areas though and I couldn't get a decent picture of Crewe (Why would I want one?).

There are tons of interactive features on it that I haven't tried out yet such as road mapping and layering of different features onto the pictures. But by far the most nerdy features are the ones that allow you to pan and tilt the picture so it appears you're flying along the landscape. OK, so it's no flight sim but it's free. can do the bit in Match of the Day at the start of each match when the camera zooms right down onto a ground! Try it...Zoom right out until you've got just the globe from 39000 miles away and type in Old Trafford to the search box . Slap a pair of big ears on and you're away! Well I was impressed.

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