Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Message from the Editor...

The good people at Bravenet (except "Doug" in support whose blind faith in the ability of computers and software to be totally infallible, despite them being made and programmed by humans, scares me) have supplied me with a little counter in order to make me feel miserable. It does.

Not only does it tick over very slowly it shows me where every one of those clicks comes from and it's disturbing. Very. Most of my hits come via the other half's knitting blog (look to the right for a link) being curious, as they ought to be. Good, and thanks. The remainder worry me intensely because well, I chose a phrase on this blog that I thought would be a thought provoking play on words. I used it in all innocence, completely oblivious to its original meaning. In fact, I didn't realise its original meaning at all until just now and I'm shocked.

Down the bottom of this is an entry entitled "Jungle Bunnies". It's about the popular TV show "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here" in which nano-celebs are dumped in the jungle and made to fend for themselves in the full glare of 24/7 TV cameras. Like an innocent fluffy wabbit being caught in the headlights - get my drift? Checking my stats it seems that 3 people have surfed onto this blog simply by typing the phrase "Jungle Bunnies" into google. Why? I was aware that the phrase almost certainly had a racist origin but when I thought about it, I didn't know why. I couldn't get the connection between jungles and rabbits and black people. It was certainly a phrase I'd not heard used for years, so I used it. I'm bemused why anyone would want to search on the phrase unless, like I did just now, they'd want to find its origin. Or that they were looking for similar people who used the phrase with its original evil intentions. Angelfire has a glossary of racist terms here and the definition is too alarming for me to repeat out loud.

But I'm not deleting it. No way. If you've searched on the term because you're hoping to find like-minded fellow travellers here's a message to you: I hope that the genetic defects from the years of inbreeding in your pitiful family mean that the virus you caught while pleasuring yourself with your dog is rendered untreatable and that you suffer a long and pain-ridden stumble towards death as your internal organs turn to foul-smelling sludge. Oh, and that you find out your God is black. And a woman.

To all the nice people, Merry Christmas and peace.

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Blogger Sharon J said...

That the term "Jungle Bunnies" ever originated can possibly be excused by white people's lack of knowledge and understanding but there's absolutely no excuse today. Let's hope that those who were searching on the term were doing as you did and merely trying to find out where the term originated from. Sadly, like you, I believe the truth may be something entirely different. ~Sharon

7:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

7:02 pm  

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