Saturday, April 08, 2006

Passing through

Ah, the mysterious world of Google. Again somebody has sought me out through Google, this time the Canadian version, using the phrase "goats pupils". Once more they have skipped over the first four entries dealing with the real thing and landed here. Which as you can see, is the previous entry in this here load of toot dealing with the self same subject. I am amazed and heartened to see that I no longer have to make any effort to write anything sanguine, uplifting or indeed thought provoking (as if I ever did as it's too much like hard work) as this blog is now placed in a self-perpetuating kind of loop. I can now get on with my work.


Before I go, this is mildly interesting. This morning while queueing in Argos, I happened to bump into one of my old supervisors from when I worked in Defra, over three years ago. Apart from telling me his part of Defra is going to be renamed the Department of Rural Happiness or something along those lines (which will doubtless lumber the taxpayer with having to pay for several hundred temporary staff to contact the farming community and countless other rural agencies in order to inform them of the name change but that everything else remains the same and you can continue to contact the same representatives etc...blah blah), he informed me that "The BBC published the results of that test (on the swan) before we even knew about it." I don't understand the ramifications of that but I'm sure there are conspiracists out there who could spin it out into the flimsiest of yarn. The fact that I am actually a signatory to the Official Secrets Act (I am!) prevents me from commenting any further on this piece of scurrilous gossip (just thought I'd highlight that, should you be in any doubt) about the efficacy of our governmental agencies as I fear somebody would forget to pay the milkman were I to be banged up in chokey after the Margaret Beckett Stasi come looking for a stoolie.

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