Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This is my Dad. Nice man, isn't he.

This is a Webley Mk VI .455 Standard issue service revolver.

This is some blank ammunition; the kind he's been making himself for years and which he uses in any one of the three of the above he owns so he can carry out his hobby as a Southern Counties AAA's starter.

This is the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

It's where he will be tomorrow morning after spending the night in his local hospital in Ashford. The Queen Victoria Hospital are world leaders in reconstructive plastic surgery. Using bits of his thigh, they hope they will be able to replace the bit of his left hand he managed to pebbledash the kitchen table with this morning.

Honest guv, I was only cleaning it and it went off in me 'and. Yes, Dad. I know. In future remember to empty the chambers next time you leave the stadium in a hurry, even if it's catting it down.

Thing is, I can't stop laughing about it; am I being cruel? I think it was probably the way in which my Mum's "We lived through the blitz, so?" mentality showed in the rather nonchalent, "Jennie (my sister) went back and cleaned all the mess up. She didn't have to." (Did she have the kids with her, I wonder? "No, don't touch that Adam, that's Grandpa's hand"). Thank goodness the cat's no longer...

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Blogger Pamela said...

That has to hurt. Oh ouch. Oh...

11:01 pm  
Blogger Richard Seamon said...

It's bled quite a bit apparently but he's on warfarin so that's not much of a surprise. They've been changing dressings every twenty minutes. I do hope he's OK.

11:14 pm  
Blogger Frontier Editor said...

I'm glad he's okay too, but somehow it appeals to my sense of empire that it happened with a Webley and not an Enfield revolver.

Hope he's well soon.

4:58 am  
Blogger Robert A. Swipe said...


That's really terrible news.

East Grinstead?!?!

Love on ya,


p.s. wishing Pa Seamon a speedy recovery...

7:35 am  
Blogger Richard Seamon said...

Mr Frontier Ed, the Enfield .38 revolvers were based on the Webley MkVI I do believe but the Webley is a .45 so you get a bigger bang and more smoke for the the manual timers.

Bob, many thanks. Yes, East Grinstead is where Archie McIndoe pioneered reconstructive plastic surgery during the last war (remember the scene in Battle of Britain with the burned pilots - the original Guinea Pigs?). Pretty certain it's the local centre of excellence for this type of thing now.

9:17 am  
Blogger Sharon J said...

Has he sent a picture of his hand yet?

10:51 am  
Blogger Richard Seamon said...

I believe there isn't much to see bar dressing.

10:55 am  

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