Friday, July 21, 2006

My turn!

Everybody's doin' it so I thought I'd have a go. Where have you seen this lot of first lines before? There's only five on 'em so it shouldn't be too taxing but I think I've got them from suitably obscure sections of my record collection. I think they're easy but well, you know.

Special, never seen before prizes. Answers on Sunday. Here we go then...

1) The rains came and ev'ry drop, drowned my pain

2) Drove my car to the station, let you outta the door,
I drove my car to the station, let you outta that door...

3) If your body's feelin' bad and it's the only one you have

4) Orange lights are in my head, you put them there, I'm better off dead.

5) Curious Mr Sandwich, round the corner, made the train and butterflies roared

Good luck.

3 Vegetable peelings:

Blogger Sharon J said...

Well I must have listened to some of your record collection but I'm blowed if I recognise any of those!

6:55 pm  
Blogger Carmenzta said...

Me neither. Waiting anxiously for the answers.

4:24 pm  
Blogger Richard Seamon said...

You'll have to wait a couple of days longer, I've only had one guess so far.

5:43 pm  

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