Saturday, November 11, 2006


Although the English judicial system managed to uphold the principles of free speech yesterday let no-one be in any other than one mind about the kind of principles greasy fat slug Nick Griffin and his acolytes espouse. If anyone is in any doubt whatsoever about these credentials, here's a nice family picture. Griffin and his wife are on the right, on the left at the back is his friend David Duke. He used to be one of these although nowadays his time is spent between prison for tax evasion and vomiting his particular form of anti-semitic bile here.

I also value free speech. So combining my beliefs with the logic of his sub-amoebic followers, here's a bit. Nick Griffin looks like a child molester so he must be. He also lives in Wales so, while that woman in the picture may well be his wife, he almost certainly shares his conjugal bed with something sporting far curlier hair and less impressive language skills (and I don't mean Max Boyce either). He's denied having a gay relationship with Martin Webster* as a teenager but we all know what that really means, eh? I mean, he went to public school and Cambridge so he must be. I've heard that one of the tabloid newspapers is supposed to have a picture of him playing the one-string banjo while looking at a picture of Ashley Cole. There's so much I could say but I really can't be arsed.**

*I could link to the Wikipedia page but somebody's changed it to three lines of "Nazi Scum"

**Some of this might not be true

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Blogger Andy said...

I'm sure they are great believers in free speech at least until they get into power which hopefully will be never!In case you are wondering,Richard, I.m not related to Martin Webster!!!!!

11:54 pm  
Anonymous Richard said...

I should hope not Andy. You're playing for Wigan at the moment though I see.

1:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments Richard and I would never give Griffin my vote, nor Labour or Tory for that matter.But his comments on the verdict of the recent racially motivated murder of white 15 year-old Kriss Donald which was horrific,just as was Stephen Lawrence's and any other murder, have a valid question. Griffin questions why has the British media and other high profile British figures given Stephen Lawrence's tragic case years of enquiries,newspaper and TV headlines,every household knows the case,quite rightly in my opinion, but relatively little has been written about Kriss Donald.

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Richard said...

Anon, I think one must view the Lawrence case with a certain degree of hindsight. Firstly it happened in London, involved an unspecified amount of malpractice on the behalf of the police (I myself had dealings with Shooter's Hill nick around the same time and they were crap), potential connections with organised crime (Kenny Noye) and a driven newspaper, surprisingly in this case, the Daily Mail as Neville Lawrence had done work for the editor (was it David English at the time?) so they took it up as a cause celebre. Probably the only decent thing they've ever done. Lots of good came from it, not least the fact that racially motivated crime is treated with a lot more balance nowadays. I do think it's unfair to compare something contemporary with something that was a low-water mark in policing. Bear in mind that the perpetrators of Kriss Donald's murder were caught. The BNP have tried this tactic before, notably in Oldham a few years back where they siezed upon a straightforward murder and tried to turn it towards their own ends and very much against the wishes of the victim's family. The fact that the BNP has done very little to foster positive race relations means they are, in my mind at least, very much the agents provocateurs. I wouldn't put it past the bastards to have deliberately engineered a situation in which ethnic minority hotheads are provoked into murdering a white kid. What better propoganda for them? Anon, the BNP speak weasel words, never take them seriously, ever.

4:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never take Griffin too seriously but,the lessons still have not be learned by the murder of Stephen Lawrence.
The media have not made public to the same extent as the Lawrence case, the failures of the police.
Former Chief of Strathclyde Police spoke of an intenal police report before the murder of Kriss Donald warning of Asian gangs, 'almost lawless', terrorising the community.The report went on to say that investigation into the Asian gangs needed to be acted upon but the commanders of the police force ignored the warnings for fear of being labelled racist and not having to face the politically-correct brigade. This report named Imran Shahid, now a murderer, as a ringleader. This basic failure of the police to act,helped to create the condition which, in part, allowed the murder of Kriss Donald to happen.

5:32 pm  
Anonymous Richard said...

Anon, that is very true of course and it's the result of this stupid culture of religious and racial fear that the media has helped to whip up. So many paradoxes though. Without the hysteria we wouldn't have got anywhere with regards to any kind of positive policing. Terrible to say but it takes a tragedy to generate some good and be in no doubt that there will be lessons learned. But there will be failures also. Unfortunately if the BNP hijack these events it will only polarise communities even more if they are taken seriously

6:07 pm  
Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Thanks for the picture advice Richard.

6:13 pm  

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