Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am becoming increasingly worried about the quality of my readership. 4 of the last 9 visitors to these pages have been enquiring after the sexual orientation of Adam Crozier, boss monkey of the Royal Mail. One more was seeking the same knowledge on Max Boyce. Nobody has ever slipped in using the terms "Is Adam Crozier the worst ever chief executive of a public service?" or "Is Max Boyce Utter Shite?" Other people's bedroom practices don't hold any interest for me unless I am included so I am puzzled by this obsession. But to answer any queries, yes Crozier does indeed play outside the line and Max Boyce is Welsh.

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Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Piss off. You'll be telling us that Liberace was gay next.

11:04 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I thought he was just good to his mother.

I was unable to find a picture of equal quality to Mr Pither's. Well, I was, but I want this blog to remain workplace friendly. Or at least mildly antagonistic.

Short post, decent picture, contentious subject = at least 12 comments. Please.

11:11 pm  
Blogger Dyna Girl said...

I'm sorry. I was just curious...

2:09 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Comment four.

7:58 am  
Blogger Dave said...

And five.

Hope this helps.

7:58 am  
Blogger Rol Hirst said...

I would leave a comment, but I only came here trying to find out about the sexual orientation of the daddy longlegs spider.

12:15 pm  
Blogger The Birdwatcher said...

Do the Welsh have a sexual orientation?

8:14 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Rol, thank you for not leaving a comment.

Birdwatcher, I believe it's South-West.

9:08 pm  

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