Monday, March 22, 2010

And there's more...

Three MPs get "stung" by a fake lobbying company. Oh, save me. I have to turn Jezza Vine off before I throw a shoe at the wireless. I must be stupid as I can't actually see what the fuss is about. They are ex-ministers and as such have to wait at least a year after resigning before seeking paid work with commercial enterprises while serving as MPs. Fair enough. It's not really right, no MP, especially one in government, should have "work" outside the Commons but it's not illegal. There's a Register of Members' Interests so there is always the chance that any nest feathering or otherwise will get found out, as it often does. But that's not the point, although listening to the crap in the media, you'd think it was. These three ARE all ex-ministers and, with the exception of Geoff Hoon who resigned in June 2009, haven't been in the cabinet for well over a year. But, they're all leaving parliament at the next election in May. THAT is the point that makes a mockery of the whole story. Nobody points the point out.

I'm against sleaze and corruption as the next man but please tell me what on earth's wrong with someone attempting to use the skills and contacts they've developed doing a job that's coming to an end in order to to get their next paid employment? It's called networking, isn't it? Anyone who's unemployed is actively encouraged to trade on their contacts and the knowledge they've built up. And lobbying companies, while a bit suspect, aren't actually illegal. We all have access to our MPs whether we're private individuals or commercial concerns - and if there's a means of getting your message across, fair or foul, many will use it. What's the difference between a lobbying company and knowing someone who works for your local paper or radio station who can get your story or concern media coverage? Or you publicising your cause with a newsworthy stunt? Absolutely none. All this has really done is show up Stephen Byers for being a bit of a tit with an ego problem. But then again, who of you reading this, hasn't massaged your CV a bit in the past?

What has also passed most people by is that this story was part manufactured and broken by The Sunday Times. That's the The Sunday Times, prop R. "Dave's my Boy"Murdoch ("You want crap, I'll sell it"). And everyone's fallen for it. Please wake me up in June.

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Blogger Rog said...

The greedy stupid bastards such as Hewitt claimed she had obtained a key seat on a government advisory group for a client for a fee of £3,000 a day.

I'm with the lynch mob I'm afraid.

7:13 pm  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

They do call it "networking" but I am disappointed to find you using that term.

8:29 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Rog, she may have claimed that - she would have got caught out though as she lied about her worthiness, as would Byers; name anyone who hasn't bigged themselves up to a certain degree in order to get a job and then crossed their fingers. The absolute pathetic thing about this story is - they were all fingered for the expenses thing, quite rightly, and have resigned from parliament as a result. They were barge-pole distant from employment like this until the dust settled. Someone, out of the blue, threw them an unexpected lifeline and they grabbed it. The public then saw what they wanted to see. It wasn't a sting, it was a low-down set up. Feeling sorry for them isn't quite how I would describe it but this is no way as disreputable as the expenses thing.

There are bigger shits in politics and the media than this sorry bunch.

I really think it's a bit rich of a Murdoch owned newspaper to harp on about standards and influence when everyone on the planet knows the slug's own agenda.

Vicus, yeah ok. Begging.

10:28 am  
Blogger Andy said...

Another storm in a teacup brewed to sell a few more newspapers and a chance to make a bit of political capital by the opposition.As for my cv I think it will need much more than a bit of a massage!

7:37 pm  

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