Saturday, November 11, 2006


I'd like everyone to go over and welcome Phil. Youngphil, as he occasionally likes to be known in another place, is a friend. Although it must be said that owing to the curious nature of the internet, he's a friend I've never actually met in the flesh although we're working on it.

He has been lurking for a while so he is familiar with how this works although now he's "come out" the sheer brutality and disregard for the frailties of the human condition displayed at this level of blogging may come as a bit of a surprise. As we're all hardened new media veterans now it's water of a duck's back to us of course. Phil, between you and me, there are a couple of rules I employ if anyone gets above their station. If it's a bloke with a disappointing attitude I imagine him having been sent out on a mercy mission and being baffled by the dearth of female sanitary goods available at 2am in the local 24hour petrol station; if it's a female getting uppity, they're best left alone for a couple of days by which time they'll have forgotten about it.

Have fun.

2 Vegetable peelings:

Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

I always want another friend! I am there.

3:29 pm  
Anonymous Richard said...

Oh you two'll get on nicely.

4:36 pm  

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