Saturday, July 12, 2008


Gordon is having trouble with some Africans

Dearest Mr Gordon.

Please let me introduct myself. I am Mrs Davidson N'Jim, widow of Mr Davidson N'Jim, late 13th vice President of Bank of Republic in grat country of Negeria. I have been passed your name as a person of the highhest reputation from a buisness college of mine here in great city of Lagos. You have the best reputation for me to conduct our businis with.

8 years ago my Dearest husband and devotest chrstian Mr Davidson was killed in a plane crash of the Air France Concorde (flight AF 4590) nearby to Paris. Afeter his funeral I found a key to a safety deposit at the bank of Republic in grat City of Lagos. Inside is a letter from great President of Republic Yar Adua which says "Dearest Davidson, here is 3 billion barrolls of oil. All yours don't tell anyone but get rid of rebel armies in the delta and your sorted for life. Love, Mr Yar Adua, President."

I have this oil safely in a fleet of tankers in a secrit place. Mr Gordon Blair, if you can help me get rid of rebel armys in river Niger delta with yor contacts, I will give you 10% of oil. Promise, 100 % you have my word as window of 13th vice president of Bank of Republic. To faciliatate this business undertaking of the utmost secret and important, please send $4,500 to me Mrs Davidson N'Jim (Mr), terminal No 13, The Internet Cafe, High St, Lagos and I will buy ticket for Ryan Air.

Wishing you a very happy day Dearest Mr Gordon,

Mrs N'Jim.

Dear Mrs N'Jim,

Mrs Brown and I were very saddened to hear of your tragic loss and our sympathies go to your family.

My Government is extremely interested in your offer. Diesel costs a packet now and to be honest, if I can wing this one I'll get Clarkson off my case and I'll have nailed the next election. Where do I sign?



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LOL (as the young people say).

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