Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things That Make Me Want To Yell

No 1 in a series of indeterminate length.

People who go to the library solely to fill in the crosswords in the newspapers.

Being dole scum, I can't afford a newspaper every day so sometimes I like to go to the library to have a quick read of one. Like today for instance, when I wanted to check what time the football kicks off this evening. I have invited myself round to Sharon's to watch it on her new telly - the one I tried to pick up for her yesterday but which Argos wouldn't let me walk off with because I wasn't her. It will be the only football match I've wanted to see all season, being as it is what us old people used to call the European Cup Final. I did wonder whether I could get through a whole season without watching a single game but there are exceptions. It will be Ryan Giggs' 7243rd game for Man Utd for a start and there are few more dignified players in the British game. He deserves another medal. I shall also be watching through my fingers every time Paul Scholes (his 5476th game - how many other clubs can boast players of this dedication, eh? Eh? Arsenal?) attempts to disguise a clumsy two-footed tackle on Lionel Messi. So, yes it's unmissable. Isn't it. I eventually found a newspaper not being selfishly scrawled over. The Guardian. First time I've looked at that all year as well.

As for the crossword hogs, I will be taking pictures of you and forwarding them to that nice Mr Griffin to use in his next set of brochures.

4 Vegetable peelings:

Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

2 Down: no clue.

9:36 pm  
Blogger ian said...

Sorry the match didn't produce the result you wanted.

12:10 am  
Blogger Dave said...

You can probably find TV listings on teh internets.

6:30 am  
Blogger Richard said...

What match?

I got one thing right - Scholes getting done for a two-footer, although not on Messi. Who was, unfortunately, ossum.

10:22 am  

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