Thursday, October 21, 2010

Radio Gold.

I had just finished my lunch at er...lunchtime yesterday and in a slightly dozy post-prandial state listening to Mr Jezza Vine of the wireless discussing the BBC's current drive to get everyone hooked up to the nation's interwebs. It was a phone-in so I fell asleep. But, in that curious half-dreamlike state between alertness and full on R.E.M. I swear I heard the following conversation:*

Jezza: And next on the line we've got Bob from Middlesboro. Hello Bob.

Bob: Aye.

Jezza: I hear you've been using the internet quite a lot apparently after being initially a bit sceptical. Is that right?

Bob: Aye, Jeremy man, that's right. I didn't trust it at first and then a bloke down the pub come round and set my email up for me, got me aal connected like and showed me a few websites. Canny they were and I was away, like.

Jezza: So you're really into it, now? That's great. So you email a lot, do you?

Bob: Aye, I do like. I've got lerds of friends all over the world now like and it's great to keep in touch. It's been brilliant, I really didn't think I'd get into it at all being as I'm getting on a bit now and don't get out much.

Jeremee: Well that's wonderful, another silver surfer, LOL. I bet you know what that means now! Do you use the internet as well as your email?

Bob: Yes, yes I do a lot, Jeremy. I've got some favourite websites that I go to for my hobby like.

Jeremeyyy: What's that then, Bob?

Bob: I'm a pedo, like.

Jezza: Here's the latest one from Elton John and Leon Russell...

*I might not have heard it at all.