Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Mek

It is about time I posted something. I do not wish to be overly serious either. There will be no comments on here about the Japanese being the world's foremost experts on earthquake proof building techniques but throwing all that good work down the drain by adopting nuclear power, a technology shifty enough at the best of times but downright mental if your country sits on a system of tectonic plates and fault lines the charting of which would have challenged Harry Beck. No, no comments at all. Nothing at all about possibly mutant 300 ft dolphins exacting their revenge in a couple of generations' time. Because that would be crass. I blame politicians.

Not a lot else been happening since I last spoke to you. I have lost some friends. I got one back though, which was excellent; the other I think decided I was politically unsound and instead of entering lively debate, has run away. Which was a shame because I liked him a very great deal. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with humanely despatching politicians as long as the water table isn't affected.

I did have a houseguest for a week and that seemed to pass off quite nicely, thank you very much. I think she'll be coming back because she left stuff behind and buggered if I'm going to send it. Pink things. Crocs. Ew... And socks. Despite her appalling colour sense and equally distressing taste in food (I've managed very well without the triple threat of cauliflower, spinach and sprouts (obviously) thank you) we appear to get on very well indeed and there is an abundance of cheery happiness about me that is scaring the neighbours.

Elsewhere: obviously the most heartening news I've heard all year has been the revelation that the Dear Old Queen Mum Gawd Bless 'er ("I'm a hundred and ten you know") liked nothing better of a Saturday afternoon than to slip into the Fred Perry, lash on the 16 hole oxbloods and bop away to "Skinhead Moonstomp" by Symarip. Although I rather suspect this to be a well calculated plan to piss off the son-in-law. Sweet and dandy. I also have it on good authority that the Duke of Kent has an unrivalled collection of Albanian death metal. Wonders will never cease. I hope they don't because you couldn't make this crap up.