Monday, November 13, 2006


For the want of anything better to do, here's more evidence of the despairing measures some people will go to in order to seek out the wisdom contained within the pages of this journal:

Here's a new development Last time it was in Lichfield. This week I've gone south. No 25 of 943 from English and Portuguese pages for:
sussex wanking

Continuing with the theme; I'm baffled. Catholics fear their hands dropping off or at the very least eternal damnation so I'm guessing this one's low church C of E :
wanking punishment ironing

This guy was determined. He worked through 110 other result before he found what he was looking for:
2006 current email address and contact of plastic company + "" -+thailand

Equally determined was:
available room for rent in uk with their landlords email adress

What is it with email addresses and Yahoo? This one went through 400 or so before thinking he'd hit paydirt:
email addresses guyana OR british ""

from google France:
email Food Standards Australia 2006

Finally, I have realised an ambition. I am No 34 for:


I would like to state here and now that at no time during the last year have I featured any illustrations of the pneumatic Mrs André, pants or no. I would however add that I have some way to go to overhaul my beloved who occupies position nos 1 and 2 on the list. She obviously provides some sort of satisfaction .

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