Thursday, September 04, 2008

Press Release

Goatfood is pleased to announce the arrival of its 20,000th visitor!

And who was the lucky person? Sadly it was me. Not currently possessing my own comprechter, Google is failing to recognise the multiple visits I make from the various council run emporia I frequent as well as the several machines owned by friends I borrow as being unique visitors. I do know who visitor 19,999 was though: step forward Pamela. Your prize is to bake me one of your intriguing sounding confections (pray, what is a "snickerdoodle"?) and hope it survives the ministrations of Mr Crozier's happy posties here in the jewel of the north-west as they excitedly deliver their own redundancy notices.

I am pleased to note that at least a few of my visitors are culled from the ranks of the wayward and disturbed and are not only my online "friends". Of course, I do realise that obviously there will be some overlap. It's also heartening to know there are some secure establishments allowing unrestricted access to the information superhighway and I have detailed some of their attempts to access information via this website below.

life size plastic elephant

silly old moo on a roundabout

wanking punishment

a205 planning se6 -toshiba -fuji -sony

"vegetable peelings" photo

A translation of this journal into Russian

And my personal favourite,

"on seeing his wife's pubic hair"

All good clean fun.

15 Vegetable peelings:

Blogger I, like the view said...


11:48 am  
Blogger Mark Gamon said...

Damn. I was going for 20,000. You're going to make me wait for 30,000 now, aren't you?

easdu. No it isn't: easme.

1:10 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

As someone else might say: he's back! It's the same one - he's not dead!

ILTV: Waves back.

7:00 pm  
Blogger tom909 said...

Thats a lot of readers Richard - imagine the royalties....or maybe we wouldn't have come here if it cost us..... And hello Mark - jeez, you were around all those months ago when I first started this blogging thing.

8:46 pm  
Blogger Vicus Scurra said...

Don't scare Mark away, Tom. Richard and I rely upon the depraved, bored and gullible for our readership statistics.

9:44 pm  
Blogger I, like the view said...

hey! don't be so cheeky

I might be bored and gullible, but I'm certainly not depraved

that should have read "and/or" (not that I'm telling you how to write, or anything)

9:47 pm  
Blogger Dave said...

The last enquirer was, of course, looking for details of the life of John Ruskin, the art critic of the Victorian era, who failed to consummated his marriage after seeing his wife's lower reaches.

6:34 am  
Blogger I, like the view said...

of course

(I've never seen dave writing about a woman's lower reaches - I'll come here more often)(*fnar*)

6:58 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Dave, for once I was able to give satisfaction for that was the precise subject I was discussing.

10:58 am  
Blogger Dave said...

Of course you were Ricjard. That's probably, on reflection, how I knew about the subject.

7:08 am  
Blogger Rol said...

Does the wanking punishment involve a vegetable peeler or a life size plastic elephant?


3:07 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Rol, strange that you should ask (and be so curious). My search statistics usually suggest that wanking punishment usually involves ironing. That is the truth.

6:24 pm  
Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

It is not as important to be in the twenty thousands as it is to be in the first hundred....that's me!

11:50 pm  
Blogger Sharon J said...

Is that why you used to be in charge of the ironing, Richard?

4:51 am  
Blogger Pamela said...

Oh sweetie, I just now found this post. Forgive me.

I wonder....could I really send you cookies across the pond? I would if I could you know.

You'd LOVE snickerdoodles. :)

5:15 am  

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