Saturday, December 09, 2006


Last week my computer crashed and died. I lost everything, including all my emails. Because I'm quite anal about collecting things like that (although not to the extent of making back-ups), I lost every single email Sharon had sent to me, usually from the bedroom to my position either in the kitchen or on the settee, over the last three years or so. Some of these would just be as short as "No" or as banal as "Can I have some cheese next time you come up?" I couldn't bear to delete anything written by her, especially after her brush with mortality a few years back, for fear that it might presage some awful event.

Seems I was right. I'm back with Mum and Dad, she's got the rat (and my beer, come to think of it).

She was, still is and always will be, very special. Thanks for the last five years, babe. I'm only sorry it couldn't have been longer the way we wanted it to be.

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Blogger Phil said...

Good to see you back mate - sorry about everything...

7:09 am  
Anonymous Sharon J said...

"Thanks for the last five years, babe." Why thank me when you've just told me that I made your life hell by demoralising you and making you feel uncomfortable in your own home for the last five years?

As for being very special, maybe you should have mentioned in what way. It certainly isn't in the way most of your readers would imagine, is it? No, special in that I'm a selfish bitch is what you've told me!

If you're gonna write about our relationship break, at least be honest!

4:02 pm  
Anonymous Richard said...

I said on your blog that there will be no public recriminations and I mean it. They've all been through it and know there's always two sides. Please understand that nobody is interested.

4:53 pm  
Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Sorry for both of you.

4:55 pm  
Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

dag yo, I am sorry to hear you guys are having troubles. I guess I am a little slow, or unable to read between the lines very well, but I have never noticed any abnormal contempt between you kids on-line. All relationships have the same mechanics and will always work if both parties want it. We are doomed to a lifetime of relationships...I wish you both the very best. I am thinking good thoughts your way.

10:25 pm  
Blogger lee said...

wishing the both of you all the best.

10:47 pm  
Blogger Andy said...

Sorry to hear your news but hope there is a bright future for both of you.

11:32 pm  
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Blogger Murph said...

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9:32 am  
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