Monday, June 08, 2009

Fear and loathing in Crewe

On Saturday a lot of old men stood on the beaches of Normandy and wept for their fallen comrades. 65 years earlier they'd stood on those same beaches after wading through sea stained red with the blood of their friends as part in the largest invasion force in the history of humanity in an effort to free the world from the hate and tyranny enshrined in the vision of one evil man. I walked into town today full of anger, looking at my fellow citizens wondering which of those evil bastards made those brave men's sacrifices worthless by electing two of the vilest and most contemptible of human beings conceivable into positions of responsibility. One of the founding principles of the European Union was that together we would not allow these parties ever to flourish again. Now we're electing them. I hold my head in shame as a member of the human race.

I'm not a jingoistic patriot but I love this country. I still honestly believe it to be one the best places on earth to live. We've done a lot of wrong in the past but we've also done a lot to try and put that right. It's not always worked. We constantly learn and we'll learn from the mess this government's currently in. But we're still free and allowed to speak, criticise, praise without duress and protest as free people regardless of our past crimes and misdemeanours. These are precious freedoms. There are very few countries on earth where you can do this. Cherish our freedoms while we still have them because if you continue to vote for these mindless hate spewing thugs, you will have few chances to in the future.

I apologise to all my black, brown, yellow and non-English speaking friends, you and your families still are and always will be welcome at my house.

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Anonymous Andy said...

Couldn't agree with you more.They certainly no good for me!!!!

8:19 pm  
Blogger Sharon J said...

If they got to power in this country, I'd be gone. Definitely.

10:31 am  

I Don't agree with you at all.The Neo Lib and greedy capitalist has done more to fuck up the country than any of your so called hate spewing rascists.I think you got on the Labour party independent reader bandwagon. The Labour party bombs innocents in Afghanistan by the way

11:50 am  

Sharon go now

11:51 am  

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